David Cameron’s first subject of the day: David Cameron joined the Prime Minister in paying tribute to the servicemen killed in Iraq and Afghanistan before raising the pensions crisis. He said the Budget changes were welcome but did not help people who have already retired and that 125,000 people who had paid into company pension schemes had been left with "little or nothing" after their collapse. He asked the Prime Minister to support Conservative amendments to the Pensions Bill to allow pensioners to "receive the pensions they worked so hard for".

David Cameron’s second subject of the day: David Cameron challenged Tony Blair to endorse Gordon Brown as his successor. The Prime Minister repeatedly refused, instead praising Gordon Brown’s performance in the debate on his record (not a view held universally) and attacking David Cameron’s role in Black Wednesday. After listing the reasons why he didn’t want Gordon Brown as Prime Minister David Cameron asked the Tony Blair "what does he think is wrong with him?"

Ming Moment of the Day: He said it was a "sad and sombre day" and asked about nurses pay and why they were considering striking. Ming said that the Government has "lost the confidence of health care workers and their patients."

Backbench question of the day: Angela Watkinson asked the Prime Minister to reverse the Government’s decision to downgrade the classification of cannabis.

Line of the day: As Labour MPs heckled David Cameron’s questions on pensions Cameron said "I hope MPs who are going to retire on fat pensions will actually listen because many of these people are getting nothing."

Andrew Burkinshaw

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