Missstaffroom 20070426cameronmcclusWhen I was growing up the ‘star’ of Grange Hill was Mrs McClusky.  It seems that the new target voters for CCHQ are Mrs McClusky’s teachers.  The London Evening Standard (not online) reports that "the people in a staff room of an ordinary primary school" are David Cameron’s key targets at the next election.  Political Editor Joe Murphy writes:

"The disclosure is a fresh sign that Mr Cameron will focus his campaign hard on public services and the people who use them rather than more traditional Tory themes of tax cuts or immigration.  School staff rooms are, moreover, traditionally highly trade unionised and tend to be seen as Left-leaning, implying that the Conservative leader sees his most important task as to reach out to new voters rather than bolster the core Tory vote."

I don’t know how true Mr Murphy’s story is but it fits with Andrew Lansley’s reassuring approach to the NHS – which has already started to pay electoral dividends.  CCHQ is acutely conscious of the growth in the number of people who are dependent upon the state for their income, this being partly why it believes Tory activists are out of touch with the public:

"Conservative activists are such a minority in some areas where they need to win seats that officials at headquarters feel they need to "campaign past them". The problem is that the actual members who knock on the doors at elections are much more Right Wing than the target voters and likely to be considerd as oddballs locally."

Expect Michael Crick with camera crew to be soon asking classroom teachers what they think of David Cameron…

ConservativeHome still believes that if the world is looking for the Essex Man/ Mondeo Man/ Worcester Woman of the Cameron era then the search should begin and end with the BBC’s Robinson Man.

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