YougovA YouGov survey for this morning’s Sunday Times finds that Gordon Brown’s standing has suffered from the pensions tax revelations of the last week.  In the light of those revelations only 27% thought he was fit to be Prime Minister.  57% said he was not.  The overall Tory lead in the survey is 8% (up 1%).  According to UK Polling Report the Conservative lead increases to 10% with Brown in charge.

An ICM survey for the News of the World does not offer a headline poll lead but does investigate voter disappointment on pensions:

  • "55 per cent of voters aged 55 and over believe the Chancellor is now damaged goods… and 69 per cent of those vital grey voters hold him personally responsible for their pensions plight."
  • "70 per cent of young voters say they face having to work longer and will get smaller pensions as a result of his tax raid."

Another poll north of the border points to a big SNP victory next month.  With a 40% to 28% lead over Labour in the constituency vote and a 39% to 28% lead in the top-up lists, Alex Salmond is set to win 56 seats – 16 more than Jack McConnell who looks set to be challenged by Wendy Alexander for the leadership of Scottish Labour (More here).

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