The Press Association reports:

"David Cameron brushed off claims that support for the Tories was stagnating in Welsh opinion polls when he hit the Assembly election trail today. Mr Cameron said a vote for his party was a vote for more "common sense" in Cardiff Bay and that the Conservatives were the only alternative to the "failure" of Labour or the "divorce" of Plaid Cymru.

Two polls, last night and this morning, put the Conservatives in third place behind Labour and Plaid in the race for the Welsh Assembly. On a campaign visit in South Wales, Mr Cameron said: "I don’t bother with polls because we are going to have a big poll on election day when real people can get out and cast real votes in real ballot boxes."
Decisions about siding with other parties in a coalition after next Thursday were up to the party’s Assembly leader Nick Bourne, he said."
The 18DoughtyStreet crew are also in Wales today, filming special programmes with Welsh bloggers and Assembly members which will be broadcast on Tuesday evening.

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