Yesterday’s news that the Scottish Conservative Party may be given a new name and separate identity after next month’s elections features in most of this morning’s newspapers.  Although the official CCHQ response has been denial of the plans (see, for example, The Guardian), other unnamed Tories have confirmed the Spectator story.  For example, one "senior Conservative source" told The Scotsman:

"There have certainly been talks around this issue. We have to wait for the dust to settle after 3 May and see where we are. If we don’t at least hold the same number of seats, there will be more of an impetus for change of this kind."

Shadow Scottish Secretary David Mundell refused to deny that the idea was under discussion but told The Scotsman that "no plans" existed.  "It is inevitable," he continues, "that, after the election, people will reflect on the result. But at the moment, talking about party structures is a distraction – only of interest to those people in the Conservative bubble."

Another "senior Tory" "hinted" to The Telegraph that there may be a review of structure after May’s Scottish elections: "It’s correct to say that, at the moment, the relationship between the Scottish party and the UK party is unclear."

What do you think the new name should be?  The Scottish Unionist Party is probably the favourite.  Any better ideas?

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