CommunicateresearchIt’s back to the days of Michael Foot for Labour.  A Communicate Research survey for The Independent puts Labour down 4% to just 27% – their lowest level since 1983.  Labour also fall below 30% for the first time in ConservativeHome’s poll of polls.

Communicate Research suggests that Tory supporters are most likely to actually vote.  Tory support is at 90% intensity whereas LibDem intensity is 81% and Labour intensity is just 80%.

One of the reasons why Tory support is stuck at 36% despite Labour’s weakness may be the growth of ‘other parties’.  15% of voters are intending to support UKIP (1%), BNP (2%), Green (3%), SNP (4%), Plaid (1%) or others.  We’ve added a new box in our opinion poll graphic so that we can keep regular track of this rise of support for ‘others’.

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