It’s been a week since I joined the social networking site, Facebook and I now have 86 ‘friends’ from Britain, Australia, America, Norway and Canada and the ConservativeHome group has 322 members.  More important than that – I’m joining all sorts of interesting little groups…

One group, for example, is petitioning Downing Street to have a ship (in our rapidly diminishing Royal Navy) named "HMS Iron Lady".  The petitioner notes that: "The
US have honoured Sir Winston Churchill, who stood up against the
tyranny of fascism, through naming one of its vessels "USS Winston
Churchill"; we should accord a similar honour to a woman who struggled
against the tyranny of dictatorship. The Royal Navy is currently
commissioning Type 45 Destroyers. One such ship could be named "HMS
Iron Lady" in reference to Baroness Thatcher, echoing the designation
of the vessel "HMS Iron Duke", named in honour of the Duke of
Wellington, who also stood firm against a tyrant."  Regular CH readers will know that I’m not keen on supporting Downing Street petitions but if you must… click here.

Stephen Haraldsen has set up a group to campaign to stop the use of ‘Shadow’ as a prefix for LibDem frontbenchers.  "Stop getting above your stations," he writes.  "It’s Spokesman, not Shadow Minister, that’s the Conservative MPs."  My guess, Stephen, is that with LibDems it’s actually spokesperson or, even more politically correctly, spokesperkin.

More than 100 Facebookers have joined an appreciation society for The Telegraph’s Jonathan Isaby.  Mr Isaby, himself, notes that David Burrowes MP is using his Facebook account to hunt for a name for his next and sixth child.  Mark Steyn would be very proud of David’s commitment to tackle Europe’s demographic timebomb.

You should be warned that joining Facebook is very bad for productivity in the office but click here if you want to join Facebook and the ConservativeHome group.

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