AlreadyaxedScotland (and Cornwall) have already been chopped from Conservative Abroad’s plans (see image) but, very slightly more seriously,
The Telegraph’s Vicki Woods has been following this site’s debate on the Scottish party’s looming identity change:

"I haven’t kept up with Cameron in Scotland (the news from abroad being so lately compelling), but Fraser Nelson’s piece in the current Spectator was brilliant about difficulties with Scots. "The Tory leader has not so much tried to lead the remaining Scottish Tories to victory, but to check their pulse." And (in Scotland): "Voting Tory is seen as a harmless perversion, like Morris dancing or cricket." Nelson’s suggestion that the Scottish Tories are considering a name-change has excited the grass-roots and is endorsed, he points out, by "the influential ConservativeHome website" (  I looked it up on Thursday, and its editor, Tim Montgomerie, had a post saying: "Yesterday’s news that the Scottish Conservative Party may be given a new name and separate identity after next month’s elections features in most of this morning’s newspapers. Although the official CCHQ response has been denial of the plans, other unnamed Tories have confirmed the Spectator story." "What do you think the new name should be?" Montgomerie asked his blog-readers interactively, adding: "The Scottish Unionist Party is probably the favourite." This sensible suggestion was immediately knocked down by several posters who pointed out that there already is a party in Scotland of this name. (Registered in 2000 – is that annoying or what?)  Many posters suggested Monty Python variations on the Scottish People’s Front/People’s Front of Scotland drollery, but frankly, they were not clever and not funny. One suggested "Scottish Conservatives, as in C.U. (Jimmy)", which is quite funny if you’re English. Montgomerie went a bit Pythonish himself after reading through all these unhelpful suggestions and wrote: "You’ve all got very silly, but I suppose it is holiday time!" I still can’t work out if I preferred having Scotland in my country, or as somewhere "where we go on holiday" with a passport."

I blame you William Norton. I blame you.  This will probably (big news events permitting) be my last post until mid-morning tomorrow.  Sam Coates has gone skiing for a week and I’ll be at the 5am Easter service in Salisbury Cathedral tomorrow and after a bacon roll and glass of champagne with the Bishop (the Anglican Church at its best) I’ll be returning to the blog.  The 5am service is my favourite of the year.  The Cathedral is like a tomb until daylight slowly enters through the windows.  The service records the life of Jesus until the moment of Resurrection.  When the Resurrection is announced there is an almighty noise with the organ keys slammed down in a seemingly random way and lots of celebration from the congregation.  Celebration includes congregants ringing bells and banging drums.  I am determined not to sit near that lady with the cow bell this year.  Happy Easter everyone.

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