"The late Ted Heath managed to obtain the highest Office of State after he was supposedly advised to cease his Cottaging activities in the 1950s when he became a Privy Councillor."


Those words are written by Brian Coleman, a Tory GLA member, within an article on "outing" on  Suggestions of homosexuality have long been attached to Edward Heath and well before homosexuality became more socially acceptable.  But the allegation of "cottaging" is very serious and Mr Heath is no longer alive to challenge Mr Coleman’s words.

Derek Conway MP, Edward Heath’s successor for the seat of Old Bexley and Sidcup, told the Evening Standard that he was doubtful about Mr Coleman’s claims:

“Ted was absolutely wedded to politics. He didn’t have a great deal of personal companionship in his life but there are people who are capable of getting on with their lives without companionship.  If there was some secret there I’m sure it would have come out by now."

Mr Coleman has behaved badly but has succeeded in getting the publicity he obviously sought.  One thing he is right about is that the Conservative Party, and public life in general, attracts a disproportionate number of gay men.  Mr Coleman says that gay people run the party in London.  People are welcome to speculate on this thread as to reasons why but Sam and I intend to be intolerant of any hateful posts on this thread.

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