Statement from William Hague today on how Blair must ensure the EU constitution is not brought in through back door:

William_hague“It is hard to take what Tony Blair says
about the EU Constitution at face value. Four and a half years ago he said that
‘we do need a proper Constitution for Europe’ which would be
‘a settlement to last a generation or more’ for a Europe
that could be a ‘superpower’. Now, without any explanation why, he
tells us how important it is that we drop the whole idea of a European
Constitution. Surely he must understand that such a U-turn leaves him with very
little credibility with either the British public or our European partners. It is not enough to change the title.
Tony Blair is silent on all the key questions of what is in the new Treaty – on
an EU foreign minister, on the Charter of Fundamental Rights and more. The sad fact is that under Tony Blair Britain has followed, not led, in Europe. We need leadership, and that must mean a clear
statement of Britain’s
goals in Europe. That is the least we need to
be sure that the Government will not weakly let the Constitution be brought in
through the back door under a different label.”

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