Yesterday’s Telegraph carried a report on the environmentally-friendly new Tory HQ.  ITN apparently did some filming, too.  ConservativeHome has been sent an email, however, that suggests that CCHQ staff needed a little reminding of their responsibilities to the planet before ITN’s cameras arrived.  An email to all press and research staff gave the following advice:

"ITN is coming to do some filming at 15:30 on how green our new office is. We will also need to make the office look busy and tidy.  I will be getting them to only film the section of the office from the Macdonald/Fisher desk through to Meeting Room 4 – this means they can get the recycled wooden doors, the green recycling bin and the recycled flooring – please try to be at your desks.   Please also make sure your waste bins are not obviously full of paper – stick it in the recycling bins!!"

Emphasis added to "obviously."

10.30am update:

CCHQ has just emailed me with the following information about the green nature of the new headquarters:

  • "The most energy efficient lighting possible using Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors which detect body movement and switch lights on and off as necessary.
  • All timber used in the project is either from sustainable sources or is reclaimed.  The floorboards in reception and the break out area, for example, are reclaimed Victorian floor boards.
  • The reception desk has been rebuilt rather than buying new.
  • Almost all our furniture from Victoria Street has been reused.
  • All paint used by JONAP throughout this project has been water based.
  • All materials within the wall partitioning are from sustainable sources.
  • All waste material from the site has been sent for recycling.
  • The Millbank Centre itself takes part in a full recycling program with 80% of waste being recycled."

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