27 comments has just completed its March survey of Conservative Party members.  1,320 Tory members took part in an online survey on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th March.  The latest results are summarised below.  More detailed posts will follow over the next few days.

70% of Tory members are satisfied with David Cameron (29% "very") and 29% are dissatisfied (13% "very").

77% expect David Cameron to be Prime Minister after the next General Election.

69% say that the Conservative Party is on the right course but 25% believe that it is on the wrong track.

David Davis is the most popular member of the shadow cabinet.

Party members are less than impressed with this week’s Conservative Party consultation on green taxation.  54% think that climate change should be tackled through technology rather than taxation.  48% think green taxes within Britain are "pointless" because "any reduction in British emissions will be quickly overtaken by the industrial activity of fast-growing countries like India and China."  Only 31% of members agreed with the following statement of Tory policy; "Higher taxation of air travel, as long as it is offset by lower taxes on businesses and families, is essential if we are to tackle the problem of climate change."

Party members are much more likely to support David Cameron’s family policy.  86% agree that family breakdown is a leading cause of failure at school, juvenile offending and unhappiness.  72% agree with the proposal for a married couples’ tax allowance.

41% believe that the House of Lords should stay as it is.  38% believe that it should be fully or largely democratic.  10% support a fully-appointed Upper House.

By a thin margin – 48% to 43% – members believe that David Cameron was wrong to force Patrick Mercer’s resignation.

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