Yesterday ConservativeHome noted how Tory members were underwhelmed by the party leadership’s plans for green taxation of air travel.  Today we report the membership’s enthusiasm for David Cameron’s family agenda.

FamilynumbersThe graphic on the right summarises the reaction of members to six statements on family policy.  There is overwhelming support for the suggestion that family breakdown is a leading cause of the social problems beginning to engulf certain sections of urban Britain. 
David Cameron’s pledge to introduce a tax allowance for married couples wins the support of 72% of respondents.  3% more back the tax allowance alongside a wider package of pro-family policy ideas.  Politically I think it is very important for the Conservative Party to present a broadly-based family policy that – while including tax fairness for married couples and two parent families – offers compassionate support for other families, too.  Ideas on healthcare and schooling, for example, need to be part of the Tory family agenda so that lone mums do not feel forgotten.  Liam Fox’s ideas on special help for servicemen’s families could also be highlighted in a Tory family policy manifesto.

Approximately a quarter of members offered support for two laissez-faire statements.  28% thought government had no business in how people organise their family life and 16% wanted the party to eschew traditional family values in favour of personal liberty.

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