TopinterviewersTonight at 9pm on you’ll be able to watch a one hour long interview about bias at the BBC.  The interview is with Robin Aitken – 25 years a BBC journalist and author of the devastating Can We Trust The BBC? book.  Robin has written for today about the fact that the Corporation has not interviewed him once since his book was published:

"Now I take the view that public institutions have a duty to engage with their critics. And, funnily enough, the BBC agrees. On its website it makes much of its ‘accountability’.  So you might think that when serious criticism comes along it might want to  defend itself. But apparently not. It seems that a collective decision has been taken to ignore this upstart critic – exactly the same response as I encountered when I was working for the BBC and tried to raise these questions internally… The BBC is proud of its star interviewers; people like John Humphrys, Kirsty Wark,  Jeremy Paxman and Jim Naughtie. These are people who’ve made their names as fearless interrogators.  Funny that not one of them seems to want to cross swords with an obscure reporter who has had the temerity to point out that the Corporation’s claim to impartiality is a Big Lie."

The BBC insists that Robin Aitken isn’t subject to an editorial boycott.  Apparently it is just a coincidence that the legions of freethinking journalists at the Corporation have all decided not to interview him.  Do the high-ups at the BBC think that we are all morons?

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