NelsonfraserIn his column for today’s News of the World (not online), Fraser Nelson says that he knows "quite a few right-wing people" who prefer Brown to Cameron.  He writes:

"They see the Chancellor as a man who understands economics, hard work and enterprise.  And they see the Tory leader as a decadent rich kid, whose idea of fiscal management is to put the whole Budget on his gold card."

Fraser distances himself from these ‘Brown Tories’ but he is right to say they exist.  I know one or two of them myself.  I guess the leading examples of the ‘Brown Tory’ tendency are Paul Dacre and even Rupert Murdoch.  Both appear to have a sympathy for the earthiness of Gordon Brown and their sceptical view of Cameron may be rooted in class.  I don’t know.

The affection for Brown seems to be psychological rather than empirical but you have to hope that experience will eventually pull the wool from the Brown Tories’ eyes.  At some point these poor souls will surely realise that this 100 tax Chancellor cannot be relied upon to cut taxes… that this man who failed to fund prisons cannot be trusted on security… that the Chancellor who abolished the married couples’ allowance is no reliable friend of the family… that this great centraliser won’t transform himself into a great devolver…

Anyhow – my guess is that there are going to be more Cameron Labourites who see the Conservative leader as more likely to complete Tony Blair’s reform programme.

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