After a bad few days of press coverage for their airline tax proposals the front page of this morning’s Telegraph suggests that the Tories are prepared to use carrots as well as sticks to encourage the nation to ‘go green’:

"In an attempt to swing more people behind his green crusade, [David Cameron’s] advisers are looking at how local authorities could offer one-off council tax reductions for homeowners who agree to improvements that would greatly cut their energy use.  Another idea is to offer a rebate on stamp duty if and when owners undertake "green improvements", such as double glazing, the installation of solar panels for water heating or cavity insulation."

One of the dangers of this approach – and of the 2,000 green air miles allowance also proposed by the Tories – is the bureaucracy that it might necessitate.

After Gordon Brown’s decision to eschew any further taxes on air travel the airline industry is considering a massive publicity campaign to target Tory and LibDem support for extra levies on flights.

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