SamcoatesandsamcoatesSam Coates is hardly the most common of names and so it’s very understandable that confusion has been caused by the fact that there’s a Sam Coates who helps edit this website and another Sam Coates who is a political correspondent for The Times.  ConservativeHome’s Samuel Coates is regularly asked by friends and associates about an article that the other Sam Coates has written for that day’s Times.  When the three of us had lunch together today, The Times’ Mr Coates revealed that some people on the Government’s side of the political divide have been more than a little concerned about him (they wrongly assumed) writing for a Conservative blog.  This photo will hopefully convince the confused that there are two Sam Coates.  ‘Our’ Sam/ Samuel is pictured on the left and The Times’ Sam on the right – loyally holding a copy of the newspaper he works for (with a slightly unfortunate headline in shot!).

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