Three quotations from the EPP document celebrating 50 years of the EU:

"The economic integration of the continent of Europe had always been seen as a first step on the path towards political integration and the building of a reunified Europe founded on the values of freedom, democracy and peace."

"In a globalised world, the Member States can no longer be effective on an individual basis.  They must work together with respect for solidarity and subsidiarity.  The nation state can no longer deal with the modern challenges alone.  As a result, the prospect of European integration must under no circumstances be abandoned; on the contrary, it must be strengthened."

"As far as the EPP family is concerned, there is no alternative to the deepening of European integration.  The commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome is therefore not a look back to the past, but the confirmation of a project for a shared future."

Access a pdf of the EPP paper here.

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