David Cameron’s first subject of the day: Zimbabwe.  David Cameron called for a wider assets freeze, the cancellation of visa access for Mugabe’s acolytes, and to ensure no Zimbabwean participation in the forthcoming EU Africa conference.  (Related link: William Hague in last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph called for the screw to be turned on Mugabe).

David Cameron’s second subject of the day: The anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade.  Following on from his Wilberforce Address of last night David Cameron challenged the Labour leader to do more to provide trafficked women with a safe house when they escape from their traffickers.

Ming moment of the day: Tony Blair disputed the LibDem leader’s charge that the wealth gap under Labour was wider than under the Thatcher years.

Backbench question of the day: Geoffrey Cox asked Tony Blair about the implications for sports and arts projects in West Country constituencies like his of the Olympics-sized cost over-runs.

Line of the day: "Why is the Home Secretary smiling? He’ll soon be running a power station in Siberia" – David Cameron.

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