Cameron used his first three questions to ask Blair if he thought British soldiers in south Afghanistan had adequate equipment, and sufficient support from other NATO countries. Blair said he wanted more NATO support but also that it was only the British forces that can make a difference in south Afghanistan, and that they are engaged in a "battle of values". He declined to say which country, if any, the other battlegroup in the south would come from.

The first cheer of the session, and it was a loud one, came when the Speaker called for Sir Menzies Campbell. He again asked a very concise first question followed up by a slightly longer but very similar one, questioning if Blair thought the position of the Attorney General was sustainable.

In his next batch of questions Cameron quoted Number 10’s former senior Foreign Policy Adviser Stephen Wall, on Blair: "You get the distinct impression that he could not govern without Gordon, but could not govern with him either". He also offered a quote on Brown’s uncooperative single-mindedness and asked "Is there any prospect of returning to Cabinet Government when Brown becomes leader?".

Blair ridiculously managed to answer the question, with consent from the Speaker, by talking about the economy and highlighting apparent contradictions in recent statements on marriage policy by senior Conservatives. Cameron asked for Labour MPs to put their hands up if they thought they would have more say in the Cabinet under Gordon Brown. A grinning Prescott was the only one to oblige.

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