The Independent on Sunday has more revelations from the biography of David Cameron written by two of its writers, Francis Elliott and James Hanning.

Although Cameron was Howard’s favoured successor initially, he apparently switched his preference to George Osborne as a result of Cameron’s "squeamishness" during the election campaign, and unwillingness to take up the Shadow Chancellorship.

There are also some insights into the dynamic between Cameron and his "bohemian former art student" wife Samantha:

"When Mr Cameron was working as a special adviser at the Home Office he had concerns about Michael Howard’s crackdown on raves – not least because his then girlfriend was attending them. It also claims that Mrs Cameron’s job in retail – she is creative director at Smythson, the upmarket stationers – helps keep her husband in touch with what voters want."

She is, however, very keen not to be compared with Cherie Blair.

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