ConservativeHome published the headline results of the March members’ survey last Friday and over the next few days we’ll examine some of the findings in more detail.  As promised there’ll also be a comparison of the data collected for members as against supporters.

The table on the right summarises members’ reactions to the leadership’s controversial consultation on green taxation (click to enlarge) – with most supported statements at the top of the graphic and least supported statements at the bottom.

Here’s my attempt at a summary of the findings:

  • Tory members believe that technology is the best tool in our fight against climate change.
  • Unilateral action is not sensible given that developing nations are tomorrow’s polluters.
  • Only a quarter of members reject the idea that climate change is happening although it is not clear how many think that it is man-made.
  • One-third buy the leadership’s line – trumpeted in Nottingham – that the green tax policies show that the party is willing to take the tough decisions for the country.
  • More members (by 36% to 26%) agree that the overall impression on voters will be that the Tories want to raise taxes rather than that David Cameron is serious about the environment.

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