Trust in Labour’s management of the economy has taken another knock. In a Populus poll undertaken over the weekend – the same one which gave the Conservatives an 8% overall lead – the Conservatives and LibDems are both up on overall economic management, fairness of taxes and long-termism.

The fall in trust in Labour to get the balance right between taxes and public spending, however, was not matched by much of an increase in trust for the other parties on the issue, particularly the LibDems. Peter Riddell, whose graphic in today’s Times we have used above, notes:

"The latest Populus poll for The Times, undertaken over the weekend,
shows that on six measures of economic trust, the Tories are now ahead on
four, and are only just behind on two. They lead narrowly on all six among
women, but on only two with men. The Tories are ahead on all six measures
among professionals and managers, and Labour is ahead on all six only among
unskilled workers."

Polls on economic competency are normally very important, but with the Chancellor who has presided over the economy for the last ten years likely to be the next Labour leader – they are absolutely crucial for David Cameron.

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