A poll in today’s Times suggests that the SNP are "heading for victory" in May 3rd’s Scottish Parliamentary elections.  Alex Salmond’s party would have the largest number of MSPs but would fall short of an overall majority.  The Times’ Angus MacLeod and Phillip Webster write:

"If the SNP leader Alex Salmond becomes First Minister, Mr Brown would face taunts that he would be a Scot in power in England whose writ did not run on issues such as health, education and transport in Scotland. And Mr Brown, if he becomes Prime Minister, would also be swiftly reminded that the Conservatives secured narrowly more votes in England than Labour at the last general election – leaving him open to claims that he has a mandate in neither country."

On ConservativeHome next week, in two exclusive articles, Murdo Fraser MSP and William Graham AM will present the case for voting Conservative in Scotland and Wales on 3rd May.

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