For the second week in a row Jack Straw, Leader of the House of Commons, has quoted Nadine Dorries MP’s blog during business questions.  Now – Nadine writes one of my three favourite blogs by parliamentarians.  John Redwood’s always-thoughtful blog and Dan Hannan’s new blog for The Telegraph are the other two.  But there’s something a little odd about the Leader of the House devoting precious parliamentary time to his interest in a Conservative MP’s blog.  Is it jealousy?  Nadine’s blog is certainly much more widely read than any of the dull stuff written by Labour MPs who have attempted to blog.  David Milibandzzzzzzzz’s blog comes to mind.  No Labour MP runs a blog with the cut-through that Nadine’s increasingly popular blog has achieved.  It provides an insightful guide to a life of an MP – in an entertaining and accessible way.  It’s a very good shop window into politics and paints an winsome portrait of a Conservative MP.

Jack Straw recently made a real mess of the voting procedures for Lords reform. He needs to stop the cyberstalking and focus a bit more on his day job.

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