From the man who has raised taxes eighty times and delivered a crude doubling of the air passenger duty, this is what Gordon Brown said on this morning’s GMTV sofa:

"I am not going to penalise the holidaymaker and I am not going to penalise people who have got to travel for all sorts of reasons on domestic flights and I don’t think the Conservative proposals are properly costed or thought-out and I think people will be very angry about that."

The Telegraph and Sun continue to attack the Tory plans, too.  After noting that 400,000 people with ‘homes in the sun’ will be caught by the green air travel taxes under consideration, a Telegraph leader concludes:

"Mr Cameron needs to develop an environmental programme consistent with the principles of lower taxation and free markets: one that offers economic incentives to individuals (and to businesses) to make responsible decisions, rather than just adding to the complexity of the tax system, and that recognises that government has become too big. If his answer to the problem of global warming is higher taxes, he is wrong."

The Sun is more direct:

"It makes us uneasy that Mr Cameron’s first detailed policy is a new tax. We can’t see him winning votes by stinging holidaymakers or businesses for flying more than 2,000 miles a year.  Neither can we see that forcing people to go from Manchester to London on jammed roads or sardine-special trains, instead of by air, improves anyone’s lot.  Mr Cameron claims it will all pay for other, unspecified tax cuts.  So is his real aim to save the planet — or to fund an election bribe?"

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