Tory Chairman Francis Maude spoke to ConservativeHome/ yesterday evening at a reception organised by the excellent Lesley Taylor for Conservatives Abroad and Republicans Abroad.  Francis answered questions on…

  • The Conservative-GOP relationship – he insisted that the GOP was absolutely the Tories’ sister party despite reports to the contrary;
  • Why Al Gore was addressing the Tories today;
  • Why he was now intending to confound Tamzin Lightwater with his new optimism about the party’s prospects ahead of the Nottingham Conference; and
  • Why this week’s controversy over green taxes showed that the Tories were very serious about the environment.

The three minute video below was recorded to the background of a busy reception but it’s just about audible and certainly worth the effort.  I’ll be taking my minirecorder to Nottingham this weekend and will aim to record other interviews for your enlightenment!

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