Newsnights_bullingdonNewsnight has commissioned a painting of the infamous Bullingdon Club photograph of David Cameron, Boris Johnson and their other Oxford contemporaries.  The photo of the members of the Bullingdon Club – which Newsnight describes as "the elitist Oxford University dining club whose public school members
have become notorious over the years for vandalising restaurants and
trashing students’ rooms" – had embarrassed the Tory leader and there was speculation that Labour or, more likely, surrogates for Labour would use the photo for an anti-Cameron YouTube campaign.  That’s now going to be illegal after Gillman and Soame, the Oxford photographers who own the copyright of the photo, announced that no further permissions would be granted for publication.  The photographers insist that they were not pressurised into making the decision but took the decision on commercial grounds.  I guess someone paid them a lot of money to withdraw it from circulation.

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