Fascinating story in the Western Daily Press.  Local Conservative councillors have vetoed Edward Heath’s wish for his beautiful home in the Salisbury Cathedral’s Close, Arundells, to become a museum.  I often blog from inside the Close when I’m at home.  The former Tory Prime Minister has had his dying wish refused after neighbours objected to his wish to see his home converted into a visitor centre:

"Sir Ted wanted his collection of art and mementos, including gifts from world leaders such as Fidel Castro, Chairman Mao and Saddam Hussein, to be seen by the public.  But Salisbury district councillors have blocked the plan after considering the views of many of Sir Ted’s former neighbours.  Some 16 people objected to the scheme, claiming it would ruin the unspoiled and peaceful character and setting of majestic Salisbury Cathedral."

The Daily Press article notes that a leading supporter of Ted Heath’s ambition was a Liberal Democrat local councillor, Paul Sample.  "I think opening this magnificent house, with all of its mementoes, would be a fine testament to Sir Edward. I cannot understand why anyone would want to prevent it happening," Cllr Sample said.

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