On the eve of the Perth Scottish Party Conference a leaked memo that appears on page one of the Daily Record threatens to do terrible damage to the Scottish Party’s chances in the Holyrood elections.  The memo – from last June – written by Shadow Scottish Secretary David Mundell includes the following observations:

  • There is a "simple lack of thinkers" on the Conservative benches at Holyrood, they don’t have the capacity to formulate their own policy independently.
  • Annabel Goldie made a reasonable start but has been criticised for "lack of activity and strategic thought", she has "sensitivities" about how she was presented alongside Cameron.
  • The next Holyrood manifesto will recycle existing policy positions and that the Scottish party "don’t get" the new moderation of the Westminster party.
  • The need to replace Scottish Chairman Peter Duncan as an "immediate priority."

David Mundell should resign in order to try and limit the damage that this ill-advised and leaked memo threatens to cause.  If he does not resign it is vital that Mr Cameron sacks him.  It is the only way of killing this story and distancing the Tory leadership from Mr Mundell’s criticisms of the Scottish party leadership.

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