In his interview with the Jewish Chronicle Mr Cameron accused Ken
Livingstone of showing  "borderline anti-semitism" through his
treatment of Evening Standard journalist Oliver Finegold and courting
of Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.  Other key quotations below:

"We thought Israel had a right to respond vigorously to the rocket attacks, as their own people were being killed. But that does not mean you should not also be able to say that elements were disproportionate…I think attacks on Lebanese army units, bombing of Christian parts of Beirut, the use of cluster bombs, were disproportionate."

"The continued growth of settlements, in combination with parts of the wall, is making a 2-state solution more difficult…what we need is a 2-state solution: a secure Israel, secure in its borders, not at threat from terrorists or its neighbours, and a state of Palestine based on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Britain should be doing what it can to help try and facilitate this. That means being very clear to the Palestinians that we shouldn’t give money to a government that includes people who won’t recognise the right of Israel to exist…you can’t negotiate with people that are literally murdering your citizens and trying to destroy you."

"I am a participating member of the Church of England. I have a faith, its important, but not something I wear on my sleeve. I believe in God, but I don’t think I have a direct line."

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