Louise Bagshawe, the Conservative candidate for Corby, has done a great job in exposing invidious criteria that the Prison Service is using to move jobs from ‘too white’ Corby to ‘more diverse’ Leicester.  The full story is in the Daily Mail

Replying to a letter from Louise Bagshawe, one of John Reid’s top civil servants, Ann Beasley, highlights the fact that 40% of Leicester’s population are not ‘white British’ as a "key influencing factor" on the decision to remove jobs from 94% ‘white British Corby’.

Louise tells the Mail:

"Labour has controlled Corby council for 23 years and the town is
very deprived. We have the lowest wages in Northamptonshire. Now locals
are being told that Corby is too British for British jobs.  I told Ann Beasley our town already has a thriving
Polish immigrant community, but she ignored this. Corby is just
beginning to turn the corner, but we need good jobs.  Gordon Brown loves to bang on about Britishness – if he means
it, I call on him to reverse this disgraceful policy and tell Corby
people they aren’t too "white British" for Government jobs."

There is now a real possibility that this Prison Service policy will be investigated by the Commission for Racial Equality.

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