I’ve just noticed that The Express has undertaken a significant upgrade of its website.  In particular I’m glad to see that its comment articles are now online and so you can expect me to be quoting a lot more from Ann Widdecombe (every Wednesday) and Frederick Forsyth (every Thursday)!  The Ann Widdecombe quotations below come from four days ago but they are full of so much common sense that I thought you’d like to read them:

Widdecombe_plus_balloonsWhat about China and India?  "China relies on carbon for 70 per cent of its energy and its industrialisation is growing fast. So is India’s. Those two countries plus the United States account for half of all the carbon pollution in the world.  So anybody imagining that it makes a jot of difference if Mrs Bloggs replaces her lightbulbs with low energy ones might just as well throw a sugar cube in Loch Ness and claim a serious contribution has been made to sweetening the water… Politicians presume to have a view on our electric fittings and
propose to tax our holidays. They are wrecking acres of green fields
(ironic, is it not?) with wind farms.  Yet it is all for nothing if
President Bush, President Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
do not get their act together."  48% of Tory members recently agreed that  unilateral action by UK consumers would quickly be overtaken by the actions of developing nations.

What about big business? "Take a look at any big city at night. Office buildings are lit up like gin palaces, advertising hoardings are illuminated so as to be seen from miles away and street lights burn every few yards. Yet we are all invited to feel guilty for leaving a washing machine on standby.  As usual, it is the ordinary citizen who will be persecuted – and almost certainly eventually prosecuted – while the big energy wasters carry on wasting."

Why not nuclear power? "Nuclear energy is cleaner and more sustainable but those who supposedly want a purer atmosphere find that too politically unpalatable to even have a full and informative national debate. Instead, they fill the countryside with ugly windmills which produce a fraction of what is needed and have no virtue other than being in fashion."  By a margin of 85% to 12% Tory members reject the LibDems’ blanket opposition to nuclear power.

Full article here.

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