"People send me all sorts of interesting advice about Scotland – although, frankly, sometimes it would perhaps be best if they kept it to themselves."

That remark was delivered by the Tory leader to today’s Scottish Party Conference – following on from all of the bad publicity created by David Mundell’s leaked memo.

Mr Cameron also used his speech to re-emphasise his commitment to marriage and the very different position of the Chancellor of the Exchequer:

"Earlier this week, Gordon Brown put himself on the wrong side of this vital debate.  We know that his policies have penalised marriage.  Thanks to his tax and benefit rules, many couples with children are better off if they split up.  Instead of recognising this mistake, and pledging to do something about it, he’s simply compounded it.  He put himself on the side of the old-fashioned anything-goes individualism that’s all about me-me-me.  What children need in the fast-changing modern world is the strength, the stability, the confidence that comes from a loving home with two parents caring for them.  I will never be frightened of saying these things."

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