We have now had three months of member ratings of the shadow cabinet and ten names are consistently emerging with net satisfaction ratings of 20% or more: DAVID DAVIS, ALAN DUNCAN, LIAM FOX, CHRIS GRAYLING, WILLIAM HAGUE, ANDREW LANSLEY, GEORGE OSBORNE, CAROLINE SPELMAN, TOM STRATHCLYDE and DAVID WILLETTS.  The last three months’ ratings are summarised in the chart above (click to enlarge).  There has only been one significant movement and that has been David Mundell’s decline from +2% at the end of December to -13% now (the lowest net rating recorded in the ConservativeHome series for any individual).

David Cameron’s own ratings remain steady (see graph below).  29% of members are very satisfied with the Tory leader and 41% fairly satisfied.  16% are fairly dissatisfied and 13% very dissatisfied.  In January 2006 – shortly after his election – 45% were very satisfied and 37% fairly satisfied.  10% were fairly dissatisfied and 6% very dissatisfied.

77% think it likely that David Cameron will be Prime Minister after the next General Election.  This is exactly the same percentage as January 2006.

69% think the Tory party is on the right course – 25% think it on the wrong track. 

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