YougovThis morning’s YouGov survey for The Daily Telegraph gives the Conservatives a 7% advantage over Labour.  It also confirms Wednesday’s Times/ Populus survey and its suggestion that the SNP is clearly set to become Scotland’s biggest party after May 3rd.  "On the “forced choice” question, asking if people would prefer a Labour government under Gordon Brown or a Conservative government under David Cameron, the Conservatives lead by 10 points," notes UK Polling Report.

UKPR also identifies some other interesting findings on the second preferences of likely voters for the main political parties.  They are summarised in the graphic below:

2ndpreferences Having a party as a second preference does not necessarily indicate a significant propensity to actually vote for that party but many of us will be hugely disappointed to learn that more than a tenth of likely Conservative voters have a inclination to vote BNP.

An end-2006 ConservativeHome survey of members (rather than supporters/ voters) found that UKIP was much more popular as a second choice and the LibDems and BNP much less popular.

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