Marking yesterday’s historic unveiling of the bronze statue to Margaret Thatcher in the Members’ Lobby of the House of Commons, the Daily Mail’s Stephen Glover pays tribute to all that she achieved for Britain:

"Inflation over 20 per cent in some years; trades union power dominant; the stockmarket flat for many years; strikes everywhere; above all, despair. Britain really was a joke, and when one went abroad, in America or on the Continent, people would come up to express their sympathy. The idea of relentless economic decline was stamped into our national psyche. Many so-called intellectuals said that the only realistic objective of government was to ‘manage decline’.  Margaret Thatcher rescued us from much of this. She took on the over-mighty trades unions and faced down the striking miners. She privatised many ludicrously inefficient nation-alised industries that were run solely for the benefit of their employees. She liberalised foreign exchange restrictions, and slashed income tax, so that almost for the first time since the war, entrepreneurs sprang up, and hard work and enterprise were rewarded. In the City, she presided over ‘Big Bang,’ as a result of which London is now overtaking New York — an inconceivable prospect 25 years ago — as the world’s foremost financial centre…

She did revive Britain. She scrapped the language of economic decline. She made us believe that success was possible. Without the economic reforms of Thatcherism, there would have been no New Labour, and certainly no Gordon Brown presiding benignly over a golden economic period which, however, he threatens by ever-creeping taxation and rising public expenditure…

Her legacy is all around us; Tony Blair’s is chiefly in Iraq. He may have stayed away last night, as the seven-and-a-half foot statue of Lady Thatcher was unveiled, but one day, if as a plain MP he should ever pass through the Members’ Lobby, he will see the statue towering above him.  Here she has been placed in the company of Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George and Clement Attlee — all, in their ways, great men, and all of them, like Margaret Thatcher, prime ministers who left a legacy to be proud of. With such people, at least, she has received her due."

Talking to one MP last night he noticed how her statue stands in front of a much smaller bust of Ted Heath.  He still lives in her shadow – even in death.  The Great Sulk can continue.

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