Further to my earlier posting on LibCon co-operation, this is a speculative speech that LibDem blogger Stephen Tall has drafted for Ming Campbell to deliver – the day after the next General Election and a hung parliament…

“The British people have spoken. It is now the duty of all politicians to pay heed.

“It is clear the public has little confidence in this Labour Government and its broken promises. But nor do they trust the empty promises of the Conservative Party.

“Our role as Liberal Democrats is simple and straightforward: to be honest brokers on behalf of the British people, and to do what is right for this nation.

“Here’s how we’ll do it. Liberal Democrats do not believe in ‘behind-closed-doors’ decision-making: what we say in public is what we’ll stick to in private…"

"These, then, are the policies we will be working night and day to
have implemented within this Parliament, and seeking the co-operation
of those parties who are prepared to work constructively with us to
achieve these aims.

“First, we will devolve control of local hospitals to the
communities they serve. No longer will the Secretary of State in
Whitehall be the first elected politician responsible for services of
which they know little.

“Secondly, we will abolish university top-up fees to ensure all
have access to higher education no matter what their background. [Hey,
I think it’s a crazy idea, but it’s party policy, so…]

“Thirdly, the ineffective, unnecessary and expensive ID card
scheme should be scrapped, and the money saved invested in recruiting
more police for our communities.

“Fourthly, we want to see increases in green taxes matched by
reductions in income taxes to ensure that polluters pay, but hard work
isn’t penalised.

“And, fifthly, we want to see a democratic revolution in this
country: fair votes for all elections, an elected House of Lords, and
real power devolved back to local councils and the public they serve.

“These measures are a package. Collectively, they would, I
believe, improve the health, enhance the education, and safeguard the
liberties of all our citizens. They would nurture our environment and
empower our neighbourhoods.

“This is what Liberal Democrats stand for. I believe it is a
reform package which will inspire majority support among the public.

“And now, if you’ll excuse me, I shall step inside to seek to persuade my Labour and Conservative counterparts of our case.”