The main topic of January’s ConservativeHome survey was LibCon co-operation.  The results were published on Tuesday.  Summarised below are the regular tracker findings on David Cameron’s performance.

SatisfactionwithdcSatisfaction with David Cameron (amongst Tory members) remained steady in January at 71% and dissatisfaction remained at 28%.  31% of members are "very" satisfied with David Cameron.  40% are "fairly" satisfied.

72% think it very or fairly likely that David Cameron will be Prime Minister after the next General Election.  Only 38% think he will be leading a majority Tory government, however.   Last January the proportion expecting David Cameron to be Prime Minister was 77%.

67% think the Tory party is on the right course.  27% think it is on the wrong track.  Last January 76% of members thought the party to be on the right course.  Only 17% thought it on the wrong track.