Labour MP Stephen Hepburn has put down this Early Day Motion:

"That this House recalls the cruel and divisive reign of
Margaret Thatcher and demands that the statue be removed from the
Members’ Lobby until such time as its erection has been approved by a
vote in the House."

One thing we can be sure of is that Parliament won’t even think of erecting a monument to the achievements of Mr Hepburn.

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Evening update: Greg Hands MP has suggested an amendment to the EDM. Insert the following after "That this House recalls"…

"the great achievements of Baroness Thatcher in changing Britain for the better; including curbing excessive trades union powers, standing up to naked aggression in the Falklands, extending popular capitalism, giving millions of Britons the chance of home ownership, and helping to win freedom for millions of people in Central and Eastern Europe, and believes that an impressive statue in members lobby is a fitting tribute to Britain’s first female Prime Minister."