GuardianfrontpageAs reports this morning, The Guardian’s front page treatment of their ICM poll will be very uncomfortable for Gordon Brown.  The newspaper’s leader-writers encourage Labour MPs to "make sure" a challenge happens.

Political Betting’s Mike Smithson’s overall conclusion is that the poll is good for David Cameron:

"My interpretation of the poll is that this is not so much about Brown but about Cameron. The more the Tory leader is in the news the higher his poll ratings go. Conversely the more that Brown figures on the news agenda the worse it seems to get. The Chancellor certainly did not help himself with last week’s World Cup bid announcement."

The Sun calls the Tory poll lead "massive" and continues: "It is the first time a survey has projected Labour plunging so far in popularity it loses power.  The fall to 29 per cent puts them on a similar level to the dark days under Michael Foot’s shambolic leadership in the early 1980s."