TelegraphclippingThis is what David Cameron writes in today’s Telegraph:

"We need to make it as socially unacceptable for fathers to avoid their responsibilities as drink-driving now is. As with drink-driving, it is a combination of government action and culture change that will make the difference.

In a thoughtful and forensic paper published by our Social Justice Policy Group today, Iain Duncan Smith sets out clearly the central task: making sure that young people grow up with a strong male influence in their lives. He points to the success of welfare reform in other countries to reverse the growth in lone parenthood. And he calls for a new focus on keeping male prisoners with children in touch with their families — a vital link which helps cut the chance of re-offending."

Really excellent stuff.

The Daily Mail likes it, too.  The Mail notes that President Bush’s Healthy Marriages Initiative appears to be inspiring the Tory leader.  This is good news as practical support for marriage in the form of mentoring and education – alongside tax breaks – is vital to support marriages during difficult times and to prevent ‘unhealthy marriages’ from starting in the first place.

Related link: Download a PDF of the Social Justice Group’s report here.