Dundee’s The Courier is reporting that Scottish fisheries spokesman Ted Brocklebank is to resign over the decision of London’s Tory leadership to abandon the leave-the-Common-Fisheries-Policy commitment that he crafted with Owen Paterson MP before the last General Election.

Although David Cameron has pledged to take Britain out of the job-destroying Social Chapter he has abandoned Michael Howard’s policy on opting out of the CFP.  It’s an odd decision as opposition to the policy comes from environmentalists as well as Eurosceptics.  ASDA has begun a campaign against the environmental impact of the current European fishing regime.

If The Courier’s story is accurate Mr Brocklebank deserves a great deal of credit for first attempting to overturn David Cameron’s policy shift – since it was leaked last year – but now resigning having concluded that there will be no return to the Brocklebank-Paterson pledge.

4pm update: Reaction from SNP fisheries spokesman Richard Lochhead MSP who praised Mr Brocklebank’s "principled stance": "He cannot be an official spokesperson for a Scottish Tory Party that allows its policies to made in London and against Scotland’s interests… The Scottish fishing industry’s only hope of scrapping the common fisheries policy and regaining control of our own seas is through independence and the SNP."