The Telegraph speculates this morning on how David Cameron might reshuffle his shadow cabinet pack later this year.  Here are some of Toby Helm’s insidery observations (and ConservativeHome comments):

  • Rising stars Michael Gove and Nick Hurd are tipped for promotion to the shadow cabinet (I’d be delighted to see Michael Gove get a seat at the top table.  Ed Vaizey should also be there.  Ed is one of the party’s very best communicators.  Greg Clark should replace Theresa Villers as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.  Greg is one of the party’s best brains).
  • Promotions for Chris Grayling and Alan Duncan (both are two of the hardest-working members of the shadow cabinet team – particularly Mr Grayling – and score highly in the ConservativeHome monthly ratings).
  • Andrew Lansley and David Willetts might be given broader strategy and policy roles (no strong feelings on these two very able spokesman although there are benefits to keeping people in place in key portfolios like this so that they are masters of their briefs).
  • Francis Maude to move to policy role and to be replaced by Liam Fox (Francis Maude’s unpopularity with the grassroots means that he must be moved but Dr Fox will not want to go back to CCHQ although he is the sort of figure who could energise the party’s core supporters).

Missing from Toby Helm’s report is ConservativeHome’s hope that David Cameron will have the courage to swap George Osborne and William Hague.  As previously argued: "George Osborne’s pro-American, Eurosceptic and hawkish views will make him an ideal Foreign Secretary.  If Hague can become full-time after his much-anticipated Wilberforce book is finished he’ll be a reassuring Shadow Chancellor opposite Brown’s likely successor, Alistair Darling."

Some other recommendations:

  • Keep Nick Herbert in charge of police reform.  It is one of the party’s most promising policy initiatives and Nick is the person best equipped to deliver it.
  • David Burrowes, one of the Commons’ most decent members, to be given a social justice role because of his long-standing interest in compassionate conservatism.
  • Nadine Dorries to become a Vice Chairman of the Party.  She is one of the party’s best advocates and should be given a communications role for the party.
  • Put the Shadow Minister for Homeland Security into the shadow cabinet.