Labour MP Frank Field has stepped up his attack on Gordon Brown:

"Allowing Gordon Brown into No 10 would be like letting Mrs Rochester out of the attic.  He has no empathy with people.  Tony Blair walks and talks like a Prime Minister and Gordon Brown doesn’t, that’s all there is to it."

The independently-minded Labour MP even speculated that Blair might be persuaded to stay on if a major security incident occured.  "People would not trust Brown to deal with it," he told the Mail on Sunday.

Mr Field – who has encouraged David Miliband to enter the leadership race – fell out with Gordon Brown when he was Minister for Welfare Reform and the Chancellor frustrated his plans at every turn.

There’s an interesting story on speculating that Iraq war rebel John Denham might be the ideal challenger to Mr Brown.   As well as being able to distance himself from the Iraq war, the Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee is also a good communicator and represents a southern seat.

Widely quoted in this morning’s press (iuncluding The Guardian and Sun) a survey of 100 figures in business, politics, the media and the voluntary sector suggests that Mr Brown is considered to have significantly more integrity than David Cameron by 82% to 59%, understood ordinary life by 49% to 30% and would set the UK in a better direction by 46% over 34%.  The survey seems a bit thin to me.  Just 100 people and who exactly are these so-called opinion-formers?  If three-quarters are from the worlds of politics, media and the voluntary sector you would expect them to be pro-Brown.  The Sun’s treatment of the poll is interesting, however.  "BROWN’S BACK IN POLL WIN," its headline screams.  It also choose to emphasise that "a huge three-quarters said Mr Cameron lacked “real substance".”