The nominations for the National Convention’s elected positions have been finalised. Successful nominees also sit on the Party Board ex officio.

Current Chairman Don Porter CBE, a Deputy Chairman of the Party and former President of the Convention, has for the second time been the only person to apply for the Chairmanship and has therefore been reselected by default.

The Presidency of the Convention was again uncontested, this time with Simon Mort – a Vice President this year – being automatically selected. There are four nominees for the three Vice Presidential positions: Charles Barwell, Jeremy Middleton, Emma Pidding and Richard Robinson, a regular contributor to ConservativeHome. Ballots will be sent out this week and there will be a hustings at the Convention’s AGM held at Spring Forum. The only other time the Convention meets is at the main Party conference.

This year’s National
Convention, which amongst others, includes 625 Association Chairman,
approximately 150 regional representatives, 42 members nominated by Conservative Future (myself being one), and sitting members of the Party Board.


The continued lack of interest in leading the Convention, the body
that "provides a focus for views of Party members and acts as a link
between the Party Leader and its members", and therefore in sitting on
the Party Board, "the ultimate decision making body of the Conservative
Party", is very disappointing.

ConservativeHome will ask the four candidates a 2007 version of Derek Tipp’s six questions. Scroll down towards the bottom of ToryDiary’s Party Democracy and Membership category for several posts on last year’s elections.

What would you like to ask the prospective Vice Presidents this year?

Deputy Editor