Shocking news from Dan Hannan MEP:

"My daughter – how sharper than a serpent’s tooth – has become a Euro-fanatic. She points excitedly whenever we pass a twelve-star flag. She nags me about moving permanently to Brussels. She grins from ear to ear whenever she hears the EU anthem, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. (It has much the same effect on her father, by contrast, as on Alex in A Clockwork Orange, and for the same reason: bad connotations). She is, in short, the model European citizen. And she’s only five years old.  It’s all a question of perspective, I suppose. For her, Brussels means Eurostar journeys and eating in restaurants and being allowed frites and dame blanche because Mummy isn’t there. It means exploring the quirky corridors of a building that, to a young child, must seem like a mediaeval castle. It means playing with Daddy’s bubbly researcher Rebecca. It means being made a fuss of by the ushers and security guards and kitchen staff who can remember when she was a baby."

The revelation comes on Dan Hannan’s excellent new blog for The Telegraph (now added to ‘the Editor’s blog choice’ in the right hand column).  His post on his daughter’s Europhilia introduces a more serious point that there are very few true believers in what has been called the Greater Belgian Empire.  The people who like Europe are Miss Hannan (because of frites), MEPs (who like the generous salaries and Brussels dinners) and nations like Ireland (because of subsidies).  Notice the common factor?  Read the full post – How The EU Bought My Daughterhere.