DonotdodrugsThe fact that David Cameron used cannabis when he was a pupil at Eton was always a bit of a non-story but it looks as though it has led to a very welcome hardening of David Cameron’s public policy on soft drugs.  Today’s Daily Mail reports a strong warning from the Conservative leader for young people not to follow his example:

"I would advise strongly against it. It’s against the law, it’s wrong. I have seen what’s happened to contemporaries and constituents who have gone badly off the rails with drugs.  Doing drugs is a bad idea, and there is a real epidemic in our country and we need to do things about that.  I have been very clear about this. When they are young, lots of people do things they shouldn’t and I was one of them.  I regret those things but people should judge me now based on the policies I put forward."


And the policies he is putting forward on drugs are increasingly robust as today’s Telegraph notes.  Political Editor George Jones notes that "Mr Cameron believes cannabis should be reclassified as a Class B drug – reversing Labour’s decision to downgrade it to Class C three years ago."  The Tory leader is in Sweden to visit the new centre right government of Fredrik Reinfeldt.  Sweden has a zero tolerance approach to drugs and makes no distinction between cannabis and so-called harder drugs.  Mr Cameron praised that approach yesterday.