Writing for The Sunday Telegraph Tory leader David Cameron launches a strong attack on the attempts – led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel – to revive the EU Constitution via the back door:

"The EU’s obsession with creating a new Constitution for itself is not just wrong-headed but perverse.  Drawn up in 2004, the Constitution was hailed by Brussels as a "citizen’s charter" which would enhance EU democracy.  When the French and Dutch people rejected it, the EU responded by calling the voters "wrong", and reviving the idea. This is typical. Faced with new challenges, the EU’s reaction has always been the same: demanding more and more power from member states. Now it is trying to do so by debating the future of 500 million people behind closed doors. This has to stop."

Mr Cameron’s intervention coincides with a warning from Liam Fox on this morning’s GMTV programme that "Many Conservatives would sympathise with their [UKIP’s] general view in terms of European policy."

Eurosceptics will welcome Mr Cameron’s increased willingness in recent weeks to address issues of concern to centre-right voters.  Last week he addressed the dangers of multiculturalism and has focused on Home Office failures at successive Prime Minister’s Questions.  Just before Christmas he embraced Iain Duncan Smith’s report on marriage and poverty.

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