Shilpa_shettyKeith Vaz MP invited Shilpa Shetty to swap the Big Brother house for the House of Commons today. She watched a fairly typical Prime Minister’s question time from the gallery.

Regarding the blue-on-blue investigation, Cameron asked Blair if he thought the MOD owed it to the families concerned to provide as much information as possible and if he was sure that the MOD hadn’t misled the family.

In his second round of questions, Cameron asked if the Prime Minister had noticed any support of his Chancellor in the last couple of weeks, and accused Blair of being too isolated to govern whilst the Chancellor was too indecisive to get rid of him.

Menzies Campbell used his two questions to ask if Blair’s successor should seek an election, seeing as Blair had said he would serve a full third term at the last election. Blair replied curtly that he thought Ming wanted him to go not stay.

There was much ironic laughter when John Hayes MP cited the Leader of the Opposition’s "bold and principled stand", on multiculturalism.

Blair managed to get a few laughs, but even he started to sound bored of his routine of side-stepping questions by talking about continuing to invest in public services and about the terrible record of the Tory government that preceded him.

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